Our Process

01 Design and Estimate

Design and Estimate

The process begins with a FREE design consultation. We'll arrange a time that best suits your schedule and come by your home or office. We can then prepare an accurate estimate and personalized advice on how to achieve your dream home or office project.

Step 02 - Select Your Material

Select Your Material

Our wide selection of samples gives you the best examples of the material to be installed. The knowledgeable staff at Direct Natural Stones brings to your home samples of the stones that interest you and help you to narrow the choice. You may also visit our warehouse to view the actual slabs. When you choose the best stone for your project, we then make a reservation at no cost.

Step 03 - Measure and Template

Measure and Template

In order to minimize errors or imperfections, we use the best technology available on the market. Direct Natural Stones uses digital laser templating systems. This system is accurate within 1/100th of an inch, and allows for a realtime visual representation of the project.

Step 04 - Fabrication and Polishing

Fabrication and Polishing

Once we have the laser templating files, every piece of stone is cut to the exact dimensions. All the edges are then hand cut and polished to perfection. Each piece is polished and buffed. Upon completion of fabrication, the stone is treated with solvent-based impregnators, which ensure minimum maintenance after your stone is installed. We also use fiberglass rods embedded in the underside of the slab section, where sinks are located, for increased rigidity.

Step 05 - Installation


We will then contact you and schedule an installation date. Before installation your old countertops are removed and your current sinks disconnected. Your new sinks will be reconnected approximately 24 hours after your installation. In most cases, the actual installation will only take one day. We guarantee that the installation area will be as clean as was before we arrived.

Step 06 - Quality Control

Quality Control

Once the project is finished our quality manager will seek your feedback (including a separate visit to the site if necessary) to make sure we have met and exceeded your expectations.